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About us

Located in Winnipeg, Metric Machine has been successful in the industry serving over 1000 clients across Winnipeg and surrounding areas, since the 1974. Our team is committed and knowledge to work with any specific needs from our clients based on the requirements. We offer a full service shop from one-part prototype to full production machine.

A Commitment to Quality

Since we began in 1974, it has been committed to producing the highest and most consistent quality possible. This philosophy has made Metric Machine the company it is today, serving over 1000 customers across the Province.

Our commitment to building quality products has constantly driven the company to seek out new advances in technology.

What We DO

We offer a full service shop from one part prototype part to full production

We have a wide range of machine and capacity from .045 to 45" dia turning

We also have 100' travel of cnc goodness

Metric Machine offers comprehensive machine repair services.

We have over 40 years of experience working on the machine repair.

Our services can range from minor repair jobs to complex major repairs.